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Scaling eCommerce brands with Google & Facebook Ads.

We'll lower CPA in the first month, or you don't pay.


Our Record

No setup fees.
No lock-in contracts.

Performance-based pricing; we make money only when you do - a win-win.

Forget the hidden fees & setup charges; you only pay from the date we launch campaigns and how much additional profit those make.

You're not locked in. We offer month-to-month contracts, so it's risk-free. With that said, our average client retention is 15 months.

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Our Results

See what we've generated for our clients.

Our Services

Google & Facebook Ads.

One service to one type of clients; paid ads to eCommerce brands. The goal is simple - extract the most from each dollar you spend on ads.

It's very rare where the founder of the agency has spent millions of his own money on ads. We understand the business is not the Ads Manager.

Hence, we assist our clients with much more for no added costs. See below what else we can assist you with.

Craft High-converting Offers
Boost Average Order Value
Connect with 7 & 8-Fig. Partners
GMC & Google un-suspensions
Investors to Exit the Brand
Case Studies

Our Client Results

Spent £58,447
to generate £557,068 at a 9.53 ROAS.

We turned this account from a basic 3 ROAS with another agency to 9.53 ROAS in just two months with us. Our strategy was implementing highly segmented Performance Max campaigns. Our internal GMC un-suspension team also fixed all the account issues in 24 hours.

Spent £24,539
to generate £415,702 at a 17 ROAS.

We took over this account in February when it had only spent £9,000 the month before. In our first month, we scaled ads spend by 155% and improved ROAS by 185% simultaneously.

Spent $195,276
to generate $554,323 in a single month.

We got the license to spend as soon as we cleared the client's break-even ROAS of 1.60. Therefore, we went to town, scaling aggressively at double their break-even ROAS.

Spent $391,916 to generate $1,732,895 in one month.

Before us, their Facebook Ads were barely broke even. We helped the client craft a much better offer, provided creative direction, and sent examples of ads that worked at scale. We generated $1.7M for the client the following month via one platform.

Meet the Founder & CEO
Meet the Founder & CEO

An agency owner who has built & exited his eCommerce brand.

I'm Rafayet Rahman - the founder & CEO of Profit Off Ads. Before this agency, I built, scaled & exited a 7-figure eCommerce brand.

Having hired agencies myself, I saw most only paid attention to the Ads Manager. As they have never done it themselves, they don't know the many factors affecting ad performance. We don't do media buying; we do marketing.

Our Results

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What our clients say...

"Raf and his team took us from $4K per month in sales to $500K a month in 3 months with their Google Ads strategies.

He earned our trust so we've recently left my Facebook Ads agency and gave it to them."

William Davies

"I think the difference between you guys and other agencies I've worked with is you have built a successful eCommerce brand yourself.

You understand things at a business level, not just ads level."

Matt Turner

"You're the best in communication I've ever seen from an agency. Replies are instant. I think the maximum I've waited is half an hour which is crazy given you're based in Melbourne.

And, dropping my CPA by 68% in the first month helps."

Matt Harper
Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Profit Off Ads different?

Unlike 99% of agencies, I've built, scaled & exited an eCommerce brand running Facebook & Google Ads myself. With this, I understand successful performance marketing is much more than just what's visible inside the Ads Manager.

Hence, we assist all our clients with crafting high-converting offers, direct-response copy, converting rate & AOV hacks, etc.

Profiting just off media buying is called "traffic arbitrage". That's short-term and what people who have never built a brand do.

Secondly, most agency owners are nowhere to be seen after you sign the contract. If you work with us, I promise you never experienced communication like this. You'll talk to me, the founder, on all client calls and Slack communication, not a sales representative or client success manager.

So if you want to avoid short-term results or have the founder ghost you after the contract is signed, book a call and I'll audit your account free of charge.

What are your prices?

We offer performance-based pricing based on your business' KPIs without setup or hidden fees.

So we only make more if we make you a sh*t ton more.

If we don't improve your paid advertising results, we work for free until we do. So there's no risk on your end.

How long are your contracts?

We offer rolling month-to-month contracts, so you are never locked in for any time. Don't like it? You don't have to stay.

However, we have an average of 15 months of retention per client. Our next goal is 18 months, so we always seek long-term partnerships.

Do you have a refund guarantee?

We prefer not to promote this just because it attracts low-quality clients.

But if we don't improve your business, we will reimburse you. Luckily for you, we offer performance-based deals, so the risk is on us. Plus, we also offer rolling month-to-month contracts.

Do you offer a one-time setup or coaching?

Yes, we do. Please book a call, and we'll find the most optimum structure for your growth.

Book a call or contact us at for more information.